Good morning,

It was very good news last week when the government eased some of our health restrictions, especially when it comes to gathering outdoors. We know how anxious players and coaches are to get back on the ice together or gather to do group activities, however we still need to be mindful of the restrictions that Hockey Alberta and Hockey Edmonton has placed upon us.

Hockey Edmonton and Hockey Alberta have been very clear, so let me reiterate it. There is to be NO team gatherings of any kind until Hockey Edmonton gives us the green light. This includes small groups getting together on or off ice. We realize that AHS guidelines allow for gatherings up to 10 people, but Hockey Edmonton and Hockey Alberta do not. They have told associations that any teams caught breaking these restrictions could face fines and sanctions.

Knights of Columbus Hockey has already had one complaint regarding a ‘team’ that rented community ice to do small group practices. That complaint escalated to Hockey Edmonton and Alberta Health Services. We want to get back to hockey as soon as possible so we need our players and coaches to follow the rules to ensure we are in a good position to get back to hockey sooner rather than later.

Please ensure your members are following the guidelines set forth by Hockey Edmonton. Continue to meet virtually if you can, stay in shape and everyone do your part to get us back to the ice.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

Thank you.

Bruce Fitzpatrick
Knights of Columbus Hockey
13160 – 140 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6V 0M4

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