Volunteer Information

Credit Program 2022/2023

2 CREDITS U9, U11, U13
1 CREDITS U7 Discovery, U7 Junior Timbits, U7 Senior Timbits


Volunteer Credit Program

Each player registered with KC North/St. Matthew, will be required to complete volunteer credits, based on the division of hockey they are enrolled in.


KC North/St. Matthew is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  Bingos and Casinos help to pay for all the practice ice that we allocate for our U7-U13 players.  The majority of our registration fees go toward insurance, Hockey Edmonton fees, KC fees, Hockey Alberta fees and game ice.


You have the option of either giving your credit card information to be held on file or giving cheques per player, in order to finalize the registration.


Volunteer commitments should be signed up for by September 31.  Once the volunteer commitments have been fulfilled, the deposit cheque will be shredded or the credit card information deleted.  If the commitments have not been fulfilled, we will process the cheque or run the credit card information through Team Snap.


Families can earn volunteer credits in the following ways:

Credit Exemption

KC North/St. Matthew Board Members


2 credits

Head Coach – U9, U11, U13.

Manager – U9, U11, U13.


1 Credit

Head Coach – U7

Manager – U7 Senior Timbits

Assistant Coach – U7, U9, U11, U13

Bingo Shift


Family discount: Families with 3 or more players in any division have a maximum of 4 credits for the 2022-2023 season.


KC North/St. Matthew Board Members are expected to attend monthly board meetings, in addition to fulfilling their volunteer role throughout the season.


Head Coaches and Managers are expected to be at practices, games, and team events.  Assistant Coaches are limited to 5 per team and must be on the team hard card.  Assistant Coaches are also expected to be at practices and games if they are receiving the credit for the season.


Please note that part of being a member of Hockey Edmonton means there will be additional volunteer requirements throughout the season that KC North/St. Matthew will be expected to fulfill.  This will include sending volunteers to the U7 Jamborees and Minor Hockey Week.  These will not be for credits.

Credit Program FAQ

Who will be responsible for maintaining the Credit List?

Our club Registrar will keep a master list of all our registrants and the credit requirements.  

What if I think I have satisfied my credit requirement already

Please contact the registrar at registrar@stmatthewhockey.com

Why was the decision made to make Board Members exempt from the volunteer credit program?

These members are already fulfilling a volunteer commitment by serving as Board of Directors for the hockey season. In addition to their volunteer roles, Board of Directors also attend monthly board meetings.

If I am interested in being a coach, where do I indicate that? Do I have to decide right now?

When you fill out the Team Snap registration form, on the first page, there is a question that reads, “Is anyone in your family interested in coaching for the season?” The options are “Yes, No, Undecided.” We can reach out to you closer to the start of the season if you are interested or undecided and we can give you more information about being a coach. The Hockey Ops team has a coaching selection committee that handles coaching decisions.

A lot of our coaches coach multiple teams, will they be able to accrue additional credits?

If you are on multiple hard cards, you are eligible to accrue additional credits. Coaches must also be at practices and games in order to receive the credit for the season.

If I am interested in being a Manager, who will I let know?

This will be information you will want to share with your Category Director and/or the Registrar right away. Teams are formed in September and these positions are voted in at the first team meeting. Managers must be at practices, games and team events in order to receive the credit for the season.

Previously we had Jersey Parents/Treasurer/Time Keepers included. Why did you take them out?

We found that the level of commitment varied from team to team. As a result, we have decided to leave those roles to the teams to manage. Most teams at the U9-U13 levels will include in their budgets a thank you gift at the end of the year for these important roles.

Previously we had Minor Hockey Week and Jamboree shifts included. Why did you take them out?

We are mandated by Hockey Edmonton to send volunteers to both of these events. Unfortunately, we never know how many workers are required until shortly before the events, which makes it difficult to plan for. This is why we decided not to include them in our Credit System.

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